About Us

Audrey and Amy are a mother-daughter duo that have been crafting together and working together since Amy was old enough to craft & sign. 

Audrey Braun first learnt how to crochet when she was 10 years old. She was taught by her mother, Alma Franklin, who was taught by her mother. Audrey is a 3rd generation crochet artisan, and when you hold her handmade stuffies, you can almost feel the love and attention to detail instilled in her by all the women in her family who crocheted before her. It is unknown how many generations before her grandmother crocheted, but it is likely that her grandmother was taught by a family member of an older generation as well. 

Even though her pull towards crocheting happened early in Audrey’s life, it wasn’t until much later that she started to sell her crafts and crocheted items at Christmas craft sales. Her friend was selling her crafts in Kamloops, and she asked Audrey if she wanted to join. She went, and sold Christmas themed cross-stitched magnets alongside her friend. 

Audrey and Amy’s first craft sale together was in 1996, when Amy was 4 years old. The mother-daughter duo have been sharing the Christmas Craft sale vendor experience ever since that time. Amy remembers waking up early on winter mornings, and seeing her mom and dad packing up totes full of her mom’s items into the vehicle. Sometimes Amy’s older brother/s would join and they would all drive into town together, go to the Tim Horton’s drive thru for our special morning hot drinks and then go to the venue for the craft sale. 

Over the years, Audrey always encouraged crafting and all forms of art. It only seemed natural that Amy would follow suit, knowing that she could make things with her own two hands and sell them at markets. She had witnessed her mother do this since she was a young child. Each time Audrey would start crafting in anticipation of the upcoming seasonal sales, Amy would get motivated and start brainstorming things that she could sell on the side of her mother’s table. Hot chocolate with marshmallows and candy cane cookies were Amy’s classic sale item alongside her older brother Ben. As she got older she would ask for crafting kits from the Sears catalogue that were make-able, and sellable. Soap making kits, candle making kits, you name it. Her spark for crafting was ignited early, and continues to this day. 

This site will serve as a hub for both Audrey and Amy's creations. You will find Audrey's stuffies alongside Amy's art collections & clothing collections. You can also learn more about Amy's performance project under the music section. 

Thanks for being here!